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Our Girls Workshop Schedule


Unleash the Potential of Young Minds with Mindful Moments!

Join our Unique Monthly Workshop Series - 'Self-Esteem & Coping Skills' exclusively for Girls Aged 9-13.

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  • Dive into 2 Hours of Unforgettable Interactive Activities!

  • Hands-On, Engaging, and Overflowing with Fun!

  • Transformative Learning in a Nurturing Environment!


Just $90 per Class! An Investment in Their Bright Future!

Secure Your Spot Now and Watch Their Confidence Soar!

Self-Esteem and Coping Skills

Embark on a transforming journey with our workshop series designed just for young girls. This dynamic curriculum is intended to transform their self-image and improve their approach to life's obstacles. Participants will learn empowering methods that will not only enhance their self-confidence but also prepare them to actively pursue their dreams with conviction. Our programs also dive into the underlying causes of stress, providing unique and practical stress management solutions. This is more than just a series of classes; it's a pathway to a more satisfying and meaningful existence for every young girl who joins us.


What Will Participants Learn? 


Sources of low self-esteem | Sources of stress | Enhance personal strengths

Increase self-confidence | Build healthy self-acceptance | Assert self in positive way

Establish healthy boundaries | Improve emotional regulation | Increase ability to problem-solve Enhance communication skills | Practice self-compassion | Utilize healthy coping strategies

Connect with others | Reduce stress


Consent for Services

Mindful Moments LLC requires parents/guardians to give consent for their child to receive its services. Kindly fill out this Consent Form to affirm that you have given permission and agree to the terms for your child to receive our services. We love working with families to help them find their joy in parenting and helping their children feel complete and successful. We look forward to the many life-changing lessons your child will learn by attending our Workshop Series.

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The services provided by Mindful Moments LLC are for educational and informational purposes only and are not to be considered medical practice and cannot be used as a substitute for professional, medical, psychological counseling or treatment.  Mindful Moments LLC makes no representations regarding the results of following the program set out in the services provided.

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